Saturday, May 26, 2018

Jason's Journal: Light Your Way to Safety

Jason McKinsey, Lehman Volvo Cars Service Manager, writes about Volvo trending topics, including this month’s segment on the headlight restoration.

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Jason's Journal: Light Your Way to Safety
By: Jason McKinsey Service Manager

As your Volvo matures, you may notice a discoloration, or yellowing, of the headlight lens, which may degrade the appearance of your Volvo. But, did you know that this headlight discoloration can also be a safety hazard? The discoloration reduces the light output of the headlight, therefore causing a reduction in your ability to see during night driving. Not only will this reduce the distance you are able to see while driving, it will also reduce the overall clarity of the illuminated area.

Many years ago, automotive headlight lenses were made of glass. While the glass never became discolored, the lenses were easily damaged by road debris and were costly to replace. Modern headlight lenses are made from a hard plastic, which enables the lenses to be more durable. The lenses are now covered with a protective clear coat to help protect the porous surface of the material.

The main cause of headlight discoloration are environmental factors, including:
  • Exposure to UV rays
  • Road treatment chemicals and salt
  • Contact with road debris
  • Other environmental pollutants

There are many products on the market to combat this issue. Most companies will use polishes or buffing compounds to remove the yellowed portions of the clear coating. Although this is a quick fix, these products will only thin the protective clear coat and cause further degrade in a short period of time.

The recommended method for headlight restoration involves the following:
  1. Removal of the headlight assemblies (or the light lens may be taped off)
  2. Complete removal of the discolored clear coating using varying grades of sand paper
  3. Headlights are cleaned using professional products to remove dirt and oils
  4. Two coats of automotive grade clear coat are applied to the headlight lenses
  5. Headlights are left to dry for an hour or more depending on humidity and temperature
  6. Headlights are reinstalled and functionality of all lighting is confirmed

This process restores the headlights to near new condition and provides years of protection. Clear, restored headlight lenses will drastically improve the safety of your Volvo during night driving. This process will also shed years off the appearance of your Volvo.

Lehman Volvo Cars of York provides headlight restoration using the process described above for only $149.95 plus tax. If you are tired of looking at those clouded yellow headlights, and want to see further and clearer during night driving, please contact the service department to set an appointment at 717-755-7676. If you have any questions or comments please contact me at

Monday, May 21, 2018

Welcoming Doug Frantz to the Lehman Family

With the growth of Volvo new car sales over the last year, Lehman Volvo Cars expanded its team to include Sales Consultant, Doug Frantz. Doug’s experience and professionalism makes him an excellent addition to the Lehman Volvo Cars team. Read Doug’s bio below.

Meet Doug:

Doug Frantz is no stranger to the automotive world. Describing himself as an “old soul,” Doug explains his passion for antique cars. Volunteering at AACA competitions as a judge, Doug sees his fair share of vintage cars. “Every antique car has a story, and that’s what I love,” he states. History had always been Doug’s favorite subject growing up, and it still continues to influence him today.

Combining his friendly personality and his passion of cars, it was an obvious choice for Doug to make a career out of automotive sales. But before Doug became an automotive sales consultant for a local dealer, he served in the U.S. Army for 8 years as an Analyst and Instructor for the Pennsylvania and Georgia National Guard.

Doug, his wife, and their 5-year old daughter reside on their multi-generational family farm, where they raise chickens and grow corn and soybeans. Their family farm is Homegrown by Heroes-certified.

Lehman Volvo Cars is ecstatic to have Doug Frantz a part of the Lehman family! Please help us by welcoming Doug to our sales team. He may be reached by email at or by phone at 717-691-8400 x 216.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Jason's Journal: Spring Cleaning

Jason McKinsey, Lehman Volvo Cars Service Manager, writes about Volvo trending topics, including this month’s segment on the importance of having your Volvo routinely detailed.

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Jason's Journal: Spring Cleaning

By: Jason McKinsey, Service Manager

Purchasing a new vehicle is a major investment. Keeping up with routine maintenance and repair needs is extremely important, however there are also other ways to help protect that investment. Over time the environment can cause damaging effects on your Volvo. Your Volvo is exposed to harsh UV rays, rain, snow, chemicals from roadway salt treatments and many other factors that can degrade your Volvo’s appearance. One way to help combat these unavoidable factors, is to have your Volvo routinely detailed.

A “detail” is a thorough vehicle cleaning and restoration performed by a professional who uses special tools and products. There are variations of vehicle detailing, however most follow a similar process described here.

At Lehman Volvo Cars of York, your Volvo will first undergo an exterior wash using soap specifically designed for automobiles. The wheels are then cleaned using a professional grade wheel cleaner to remove brake dust build up. Once all the suds are removed and the vehicle is dried, the interior undergoes several treatments. The carpeted areas are vacuumed, cleaned and shampooed with a professional grade cleaner. A leather treatment is applied to the appropriate surfaces, including all leather seats. The exterior is finished with a random dual action buffer, which removes light scratches and paint imperfections. A coat of wax is then applied to the exterior painted surfaces. The windows are cleaned on the inside and outside. Finally a dressing may be applied to the tires and non-painted exterior trim to provide shine and extra protection. If necessary, minor chips and small scratches are touched up using the appropriate paint color.

The benefits of vehicle detailing are vast, including:
  • Washing the exterior removes dust, tree sap, bug remains, road salt—to name a few. All of these exterior factors, if left, will permanently damage or degrade the appearance of your Volvo. 
  • Cleaning the interior of your Volvo helps prevent permanent stains in carpeting and upholstery. It also reduces allergens, bacteria, and reduces unpleasant odors caused by a number of factors.
  • Buffing and waxing remove minor paint imperfections and protects your Volvo from those harsh elements. 
  • A freshly detailed Volvo will stay clean longer and will be easier to clean when needed.
  • A routine detail for your Volvo will lead to higher resale or trade in values for your next Volvo when the time comes. 
  • Clean windows and exterior lights increase visibility and safety
  • You will also increase the lifespan of your Volvo by reducing corrosion and the deterioration of the exterior surfaces. 
I recommend having your Volvo detailed twice a year—once in the spring to remove all salt and road chemicals, and once in the fall to provide a protective exterior coating from harsh winter weather and chemicals. Lehman Volvo Cars of York is now offering a full vehicle detail for $184.95 (plus tax)! Ask your service advisor for details.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me at 717-755-7676 or Remember a clean Volvo is a happy Volvo!

Friday, April 20, 2018

The Volvos with the Little Blue Badge

The Volvos with the Little Blue Badge

By: Dan Lehr, Pre-Owned Sales Manager

The little blue badge on certain Volvos…chances are you have seen them, or at least heard the name “Polestar” before. But what does it mean? Well, it is Volvo-speak for performance and a great way to add more spark to your drive.

Let’s flash back to the 1990s, when things were a little boxier in the world of Volvo. The revolutionary Volvo 850 was just launched with critical acclaim, and Volvo decided to take it racing. In both sedan and wagon form, the Volvo 850 demonstrated killer instincts on the track, with the team lead by what was to be called Polestar. Polestar would then go on to campaign S40s, C30s and more recently S60s in both the Swedish Touring car racing series and European Touring car series. The rest is history as they say.

Since then, Polestar has been Volvo’s racing partner and performance developer for not only racing endeavors, but also the cars you can buy right from the dealership. In fact, Lehman Volvo Cars of York is an authorized Volvo Polestar dealership and sells the cutting edge 362 horsepower S60 Polestar and V60 Polestar, (See more details here).

Lehman Volvo Cars of York also has a 2016 Certified Pre-Owned S60 Polestar in stock. With its high level of features (Navigation, Blind Spot Information System, Adaptive Cruise Control) and high level of performance (Sport Wheels, Adjustable suspension, upgraded brakes), there is nothing else like it! Experience Volvo Safety, comfort, performance and luxury with the Award-Winning 7 Year/100,000 Mile Certified Warranty coverage (from original in-service date).

In addition to selling the exclusive Polestar performance models, Lehman Volvo Cars of York also has models with the optional Polestar performance optimization like this Certified Pre-Owned Volvo S90 T5.

The Polestar optimization enhancement boosts horsepower and torque without a penalty in fuel economy. Even better, the performance upgrade will not void the new car factory warranty or Certified Pre-Owned warranty.

You can add Polestar performance to most modern Volvos, so whether you are buying new or Certified Pre-owned ask about adding some more kick with the little blue badge.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Jason's Journal: Pothole Blues

Jason McKinsey, Lehman Volvo Cars Service Manager, writes about Volvo trending topics, including this month’s segment on the importance of having a wheel alignment performed on your Volvo during this time of year.

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Pothole Blues

By Jason McKinsey, Service Manager

No driver looks forward to the abundance of potholes during this time of year. Sometimes it seems when one pothole is repaired, two more pop up in its place! As you can imagine, potholes take a toll on your Volvo. Wheel alignment is one of the most common things affected by potholes and other road hazards.

Wheel alignment is the adjustment of steering and suspension components that affect how the tires make contact with the surface of the road. There are several angles that can be adjusted to change the wheel alignment, including the most common: Caster, Camber and Toe. But, how do you know when your Volvo needs an alignment?

Some symptoms include:
  • a pull or drift to one side while driving
  • the steering wheel appears off center
  • a feeling of looseness or wandering
  • abnormal tire wear

Ignoring these symptoms can lead to several issues, including:
  • decreased fuel economy
  • an increased level of effort to steer the vehicle
  • a decrease in the number of miles your tires will last
  • abnormal tire wear causing noise levels from the tires to increase substantially

To check if an alignment is needed, your Volvo technician will first check for any wear or play in the suspension and steering components. The tire pressure will then be checked and set to Volvo specifications. After those two tasks are performed, the alignment angles are checked using sophisticated equipment. Adjustments are made to the rear alignment angles as needed, the steering wheel is centered, and adjustments are made to the front alignment angles. After all of this, your Volvo is then road tested to ensure a successful alignment has been completed.

It is recommended to have your alignment checked as least once a year, or when you experience any of the above mentioned issues. Doing so ensures the highest level of longevity from your tires. According to Hunter Engineering, a leading manufacturer of alignment equipment, “driving a vehicle for 12,000 miles with a toe angle misalignment of only 0.34 degrees (0.17 inches) out of specification would be equivalent to dragging the tries sideways for 68 miles.”

Proper wheel alignment is vital to maintaining the safety and driving characteristics of your Volvo. To help get your Volvo rolling down the road straight again, Lehman Volvo Cars of York is offering a $10.00 discount on a four wheel alignment through the end of April, when you mention this article. Please contact your Volvo Service Advisor at 717-755-7676 to set up your appointment or schedule online at

Contact me if you have any questions at or 717-755-7676.