Monday, February 5, 2018

Jason's Journal: How to Properly Warm your Engine in Cold Temperatures

Jason McKinsey, Lehman Volvo Cars Service Manager, writes about Volvo trending topics, including this month’s segment on how to properly warm your engine in cold temperatures.

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How to Properly Warm your Engine in Cold Temperatures

By: Jason McKinsey

During these cold winter months, I often see news reports on whether or not you should allow your vehicle’s engine to warm up at idle. This highly debated topic has people on both sides. Some say warming a vehicle at idle will damage the engine, while others express engine damage is inevitable when a vehicle is not warmed at idle. So, which of these statements is correct?
Modern fuel injected engines do not need to be warmed at idle to function properly. The fuel injection computer will adjust the fuel mixture for the current temperature. This allows the engine to operate normally without being warmed, even at extreme low temperatures. With improvements in engine oil quality and changes in oil weights, the engine’s moving parts are protected at low temperatures. Allowing your engine to sit idle for excessive periods of time can cause the fuel to build up on the engine cylinder walls, washing away all necessary oils. This process is known as “fuel wash.” Fuel wash may damage the engine cylinder walls and piston rings, leading to reduced engine performance and excessive oil consumption.

The quickest way to warm up the engine is to drive the car. However, using your Volvo On Call app to start your engine will not affect your Volvo negatively because the engine remains on for only a short period of time. Warming your car for small amounts of time on a cold day will have no noticeable effect on your Volvo.

Making short trips can be harmful because the engine does not have enough time to reach operating temperature, and may cause moisture to get trapped in the engine. Moisture can create a milky appearance to the engine’s oil. Over time, this can cause engine sludge, blockage of the crankcase ventilation system and/or blockage of the oil pickup tube. Each of these are harmful and can reduce the life of your Volvo’s engine. Moisture can also remain in the exhaust system, which causes the exhaust to deteriorate and may require replacement much quicker than a vehicle driven longer distances.

I recommend a good balance of driving techniques such as not keeping your engine idle for long periods of times and avoiding taking short trips to ensure your Volvo’s engine reaches full operating temperature (try taking the long scenic route every now and then to allow extra time for your engine to warm up). With these steps, your Volvo will provide years of great service, even on the coldest of days.

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Friday, February 2, 2018

All-New Volvo XC60 Named 2018 North American Utility Vehicle of the Year

Volvo Cars Official Volvo Press Release

DETROIT, Michigan (January 15, 2018)--The all-new Volvo XC60 luxury compact SUV is the 2018 North American Utility of the Year™, the second Volvo in three years to win the coveted award after the XC90 won in 2016. The announcement was made today during a press conference at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.Completely redesigned for 2018 the XC60 is an SUV not designed to look down on others, but to drive. The exterior has an athletic stance thanks to Volvo’s Scalable Product Architecture platform (SPA) with exquisite details including signature Thor’s Hammer headlights.

The interior is a masterful composition of well-resolved architecture, beautiful materials and the very latest technology - all perfectly blended together. The XC60 provides a true Scandinavian experience which will make Volvo customers feel special.

The XC60 seats five and features all the safety of a Volvo. Pricing starts at $41,500.

Features like a standard 9-inch tablet-like touch screen, available driftwood-inspired wood trim, and integrated mobile device storage under the second row seats are unique to XC60.

“The Volvo XC60 raises the bar for safety and driver assistance systems in compact utility vehicles, and does it in a package that exudes Scandinavian design,” said Mark Phelan, president of the North American Car of the Year Awards organization.

“We are so proud the XC60 has won this prestigious award,” said Anders Gustafsson, President and CEO of Volvo Cars USA. “It is a very tough competition and we thank all the judges for recognizing the great style, technology, and engineering in the XC60. All car shoppers should take a test drive to see for themselves how great it really is.”

The XC60 is available with a wide range of powertrains including the award-winning T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid at the top of the powertrain range delivering 400-horsepower and an EPA-rated economy of 56 mpg equivalent.

The new XC60, one of the safest cars ever made, is fully-loaded with new technology. Steer Assist has been added to the ground-breaking City Safety system. A new safety system called Oncoming Lane Mitigation uses steer assist to help mitigate head-on collisions, while Volvo’s Blind Spot Indication System (BLIS) now uses Steer Assist functionality to reduce the risk of lane-changing collisions.

Pilot Assist, Volvo’s advanced semi-autonomous driver assistance system, which takes care of steering, acceleration and braking on well-marked roads up to 80 mph, is available in the new XC60 as an option.

Volvo Cars’ driver infotainment and connected services offer, Sensus, and the Volvo On Call app both receive a graphical update with improved usability. Smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is also available.

American and Canadian consumers can learn more about the XC60 online at and, respectively.

Media can get full specifications at

Now in its 30th year as an international event, the NAIAS is among the most prestigious auto shows in the world, providing unparalleled access to the automotive products, technologies, people and ideas that matter most – up close and in one place.

Read full press release here

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Why Can’t I Find the Perfect 15-Year Old Volvo Wagon?

Why Can’t I Find the Perfect 15-Year Old Volvo Wagon?

By Dan Lehr, Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Having worked for Lehman Motors for over a decade, there are certain requests that I hear quite often. One of them goes like this: “I have a new driver in the family and we are on the search for the perfect 15-year old Volvo wagon.” Of course it makes all the sense in the world. The car will be affordable, it will last, and above all—it will be a safe vehicle for a young driver.

15-year old Volvo wagons exist and are plentiful on the road. They were popular when new, and Lehman Volvo Cars services many of them to this day. You might assume we would have loyal customers trading them in on a newer Volvo wagon (or crossover) all the time, right? Well, not exactly. When the decision comes to replace the old Volvo wagon, it is almost never traded in.

A Volvo wagon is a generational vehicle. They are purchased new, driven many miles, and taken on many trips. When the time comes, they are passed down to the first driver in the family, or the neighbor who has had their eye on the car since day one. In other words, there is high demand with virtually zero supply.

So what is a young driver to do? The perfect solution might be a Certified Pre-Owned Volvo wagon. While the purchase price of a newer Volvo is higher than an older wagon, the value and peace of mind of the Certified Pre-Owned warranty means years of coverage and a lot of miles of worry-free ownership.

With Certified Pre-Owned warranty, your Volvo is covered up to 100,000 miles, or 7-years from the original in-service date. That means zero dollar deductible for warranty repair work during that timeframe, as well as 24-hour roadside assistance. The value speaks for itself, as well as the fact that each Certified Pre-Owned Volvo has passed a 130-point inspection process using Volvo genuine parts to make sure the vehicle is safe and sound. Plus, this month, when you purchase a 2014, 2015 or 2016 Certified Pre-Owned Volvo you can finance as low as 0.9% APR, giving you even greater savings!*

So, you might not be able to find the perfect 15-year old Volvo wagon, but the right pre-owned wagon from Lehman Volvo Cars can last you well into the future….and of course, be handed down to the next generation of Volvo owners in your family.

Check out ALL of our pre-owned inventory at our Mechanicsburg and York locations.

*With approved credit through Volvo Cars Financial Services. Terms may vary. Offer ends 1.31.18.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Jason's Journal: Replacing your Volvo's Battery

 Replacing your Volvo's Battery
By: Jason McKinsey

Volvos today are equipped with advanced technologies.  Some technology systems are designed to keep passengers safe, while others provide entertainment and useful travel and vehicle information.  Regardless of what the technology systems are designed for, all of them require electrical power from the vehicle.  While the vehicle’s battery does not directly supply power to these systems once the engine is running, the battery is a very important part of the electrical system.

With the introduction of Start/Stop Engine technology, Volvo now utilizes two batteries in every new vehicle.  One battery is designed to start the engine, while the other battery is used to maintain the technology systems during the Start/Stop sequence. Volvo’s use of batteries will continue to evolve, as the automotive technology becomes more complex.

There are two main types of batteries in Volvos: Starting-Lighting-Ignition (SLI) and Valve-Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA).  An SLI battery is lead acid based and has been used in Volvos for years, while the VRLA battery is an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), a newer style that has a higher resistance to being discharged.  If a lead acid battery is left in a discharged state, a chemical reaction will occur causing the lead plates inside the battery to become coated, and leaving the battery weak. If this happens just once, it can reduce the battery’s lifespan by a third. An AGM battery is not as severely affected by being discharged.  Maintaining a charge on both types of batteries is very important.

If you plan to store your Volvo for more than 30 days, I would recommend using a trickle charger to maintain the battery’s state of charge.  This will greatly extend the life of your battery.  I would also recommend keeping a lead acid battery cool and away from high temperatures.  A battery mounted in the trunk area far away from the engine, will last years longer than the same battery mounted in the engine compartment area.

When you find yourself in need of a replacement battery, there are several things to consider.  First, you will need to determine which battery group is needed.  The battery group refers to the physical size of the battery and the position of the battery terminals.  The group is shown as a two digit number, or sometimes as a two digit number with a letter. For example, group 48 or group 51R.  Secondly, you will need to properly install the battery with the correct Cold Cranking AMP (CCA) rating.  The CCA rating is the amount of current the battery can supply at zero degrees Fahrenheit. An incorrect rated battery can cause false battery warning messages, and can be unreliable in cold temperatures.  Finally, you will need to determine the length of the battery warranty.  A good battery should have at least 2 years of full coverage on the battery and a pro-rated coverage of an additional 3 years. The length of warranty can be a good indicator of the battery quality.

Unfortunately, a battery doesn’t always provide a warning prior to failing, but thankfully, a battery’s current condition can be easily checked. If it has been a while since your last battery check, or you feel there is an issue with your current battery, please contact our service department for a complimentary battery check (offer ends 1/31/2018). 

Call 717-755-7676 or go online to schedule your appointment.  Happy Holidays from the Lehman Service Team!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Lehman Volvo Cars' Holiday Tradition

There are many parents in the Central Pennsylvania region who simply cannot afford new child seats for their families and unfortunately end up compromising on safety. Lehman Volvo Cars stands behind its core value of safety and provided families in need of car seats with new infant, toddler, and/or booster seats.  The “Protect the Gifts” Car Seat Campaign is a special program that promotes safety in a unique way.

Lehman Volvo Cars selected families from e-mail nominations that were received in November.  A total of 64 new car seats were provided and safely installed to the selected families on Friday, December 8th at Lehman Volvo Cars in York and Saturday, December 9th at Lehman Volvo Cars in Mechanicsburg.

A special thank you to all of the volunteers from Safe Kids Pennsylvania that safely installed each and every car seat!

Below are just a few photos from Lehman Volvo Cars car seat installation days in York and Mechanicsburg! Happy Holidays from the Lehman family to yours!

Sisters getting fitted for their new car seats in the showroom (it was a bit chilly outside)!

Families learning how to properly use their new car seats!

This little guy has some growing to do before graduating to a backless booster seat.  He sure was making the volunteers laugh and smile while his convertible car seat was being installed into his family's vehicle!

The Lehman Volvo Cars Protect the Gifts car seat campaign would not be possible without all of its volunteers.  Thank you to all of the Certified Car Seat Technicians who safely installed every seat.

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Lehman Pre-Owned Report: Where a Car Comes from Matters

Where a Car Comes from Matters 
By: Dan Lehr, Lehman Volvo Cars Pre-Owned Sales Manager

When the decision comes to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, one of the main concerns shoppers have is the history of the vehicle they are looking to buy. Looking at the differences in model, equipment, and color combination, each vehicle is unique, and of course, the history of each vehicle is also unique.  

When a car is properly maintained, it should serve a long and (relatively) drama-free life on the road. However, if routine maintenance isn’t followed, there are bound to be issues somewhere along the way. 

Lehman Volvo Cars is fortunate in that most of our pre-owned inventory falls into three main categories: Off-Lease Vehicles, Customer Owned Trade-ins or Dealership-Owned Vehicles. Let’s take a look… 

Off-Lease Vehicles:
A common misconception about off-lease vehicles, is that they tend to be a little rougher around the edges. Quite the opposite is true with the off-lease vehicles Lehman Volvo Cars acquires. With the factory support of complimentary routine maintenance for 3 years, most off-lease Volvos have had a full history of proper maintenance.  

Off-lease Volvos are also offered exclusively to Volvo Authorized Dealers before they end up on the auction block. That means we have first choice in selecting only the finest-condition vehicles as soon as they are eligible to be purchased.  

Customer Trade-ins:
Lehman Volvo Cars has the benefit of having a very strong customer base and loyalty rate. As a result, we are constantly trading in well-serviced Volvos on newer Volvos. These highly sought-after trades are in strong demand for good reason; there is no guesswork in their maintenance history and of course, they have been well maintained. Since we service every Volvo we sell, we know the vehicles very well. 

Dealership Owned Vehicles:
Sometimes the best Pre-Owned vehicle you can buy actually never leaves the ownership of Lehman Volvo Cars. To help supplement our service loaner fleet, we put new vehicles in our temporary loaner fleet. When the vehicles are eligible to be put back into inventory, they can be upgraded with Volvo’s Award-Winning Certified Pre-Owned Warranty. This provides warranty coverage up to 100,000 Miles or 7 years from when the vehicle first went into service plus you pay less for your new slightly-used vehicle! Additionally, there may be other qualifying incentives at the time of purchase to benefit from.  

Certified Warranty is the Difference Maker
No matter how we obtain our Pre-Owned vehicles, every vehicle that is eligible comes standard with the Volvo Certified Pre-Owned Warranty. The peace of mind provided by this warranty means a rigorous 130 point inspection has been completed, only genuine Volvo parts have been used AND you have 24 hour roadside assistance during the duration of your warranty period.

View Lehman Volvo Cars' pre-owned inventory here: York & Mechanicsburg

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Collecting Toys for Toys for Tots

During this Holiday Season, Lehman Volvo Cars is proudly accepting toy donations for the Toys for Tots foundation!
Between now and December 18th, you may drop off any new and unwrapped toys in the donation box located in Lehman Volvo Cars of York's showroom!
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The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation is a non-profit charity that collects and distributes unused toys to less fortunate children.  The mission of the program "is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to needy children in the community in which the campaign is conducted."