Friday, November 30, 2007

Holiday Cheer and Sales

Well, Volvo has a national Holiday sales event going on and we have hung our banners with care on the mantel...and by mantel I mean we hung them from the ceiling. HERE'S THE BIG DEAL: There are lease specials on the XC range (XC70 AND AXC90).

In addition to the special pricing, you get a complimentary Rear Seat Entertainment System...which is something I wish I could have enjoyed when I was a kid, but alas, it wasn't an option on my parent's 1977 wagon...though it did have an 8 track player.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

First Post on Lehman Volvo's Blog Space

Lehman Volvo has joined the world of Blogging...can you believe it? There are a lot of exciting changes for Volvo this year, so obviously it makes sense to keep you posted on posting on it.
One of the most exciting additions to the Lehman family is the C3O, a hot new hatchback that starts at $22,700...more on that later. For now, there will be plenty to come. If you want to see the inventory in the mean time, check out the family at , , and .