Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Showers....

It's fitting that April is ending with rain...lots of rain. But when driving into the dealership this morning I was reminded that a Volvo shines in these conditions. There is a lot more to safety than how a vehicle protects you in an also has to be good at avoiding accidents.

Volvo realizes you have to be confident behind the wheel, which is why they engineer their vehicles to remain stable and track straight and true. This is the case whether you are on a dry road, a snowy road or a really wet and rainy road.

That's why Dynamic Stability Control has been standard on Volvo vehicles for years, along with the latest Anti-lock brake technology and a strong suspension set-up. Yes, a Volvo feels safe...and that helps keep your mind at ease when driving one.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Over Half a Million Customers Can't be wrong...

Believe it or not, Volvo has sold over 550,000 examples of the venerable XC90 SUV. That's a lot of hauling, a lot of vacations and of course, a lot of lives protected. Since it's launch in late 2002, the Volvo XC90 has proven that if the design is has staying power.

Over the years there have been changes here and there. More standard features, different color options, newer technology...but the general shape and packaging has stayed the same. What was once ground-breaking and revolutionary is now comfortable and familiar. You could consider it a modern classic now.

That will all come full circle in March however, as the all-new 2016 Volvo XC90 debuts. It promises to be both as ground-breaking and revolutionary as the first XC90 was when it debuted over a decade ago.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Who We Are...

A brand is more than a product. At Volvo, the brand values are crucial to what separates a Volvo vehicle from every other vehicle on the road. Simply put, Volvo is about...people.

From the day in April 1927 when the first Volvo left the factory, up to the future products that are currently in production, the goal has been about protecting people. That's why our safety innovations have gone on to win countless awards, and why we have a goal that by the year 2020 no one will be seriously injured or killed in a Volvo. That is a bold statement...and its why Volvo keeps going.

It is people that drive, people that need their life to be less complicated, and people who enjoy the journey as well as the destination. That's why Volvo protect real people.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day is an every day event at Volvo

Volvo is known for safety. There is no question. But, Volvo is also known for environmental care, and it shows not only in the vehicles, but by everything Volvo does (see the long list below). The latest in Volvo's commitment to our environment is the new line of Drive-E Volvos. These new Volvos provide power (240 horsepower) and exceptional fuel economy (up to 37 miles per gallon) in a class leading combination. These new engines come standard in every new 2015 Volvo model.

Want some more Volvo Environmental Facts? Check out some of the Volvo Environmental Firsts:

1945 Volvo introduces remanufactured spare parts - an exchange system still in use
1972 UN Global conference on the environment in Stockholm: Volvo raises the critical role of the car in society
1976 Three-way catalytic converter with oxygen sensor (Lambdasond®) removes up to 90% of noxious exhaust fumes
1982 Torslanda plant begins to use waste heat from local oil refinery
1987 Torslanda water treatment plant removes 90% of harmful effluents
1989 New, proactive environmental policy
1989 Life-cycle assessment using EPS (Environmental Priority Strategies in product design)
1989 Volvo demonstrates alcohol power technology: cleanest car tested to date
1989 Introduction of internal environmental audits
1989 Plastics in Volvo cars marked to facilitate recycling
1990 First award of Volvo Environment Prize
1991 Volvo Cars first to introduce car free of ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
1991 Paintshop at Torslanda plant is world's cleanest
1992 Asbestos eliminated from car production
1992 Volvo Environmental Concept Car (ECC)
1993 Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) no longer used in climate systems of series-produced Volvo cars
1994 ECRIS, a new research facility for environmentally optimised dismantling
1995 Volvo Bi-Fuel, Volvo Cars' first generation of methane-driven cars
1995 Introduction of standards to improve dealers' environmental activities
1995 Launch of Car & Eco Care, the Volvo Cars range of environmentally labelled car care products
1996 Dialogue on the Environment provides environmental training for all employees
1996 Introduction of environmental standards for suppliers
1998 Introduction of PremAir® - a radiator coating designed to convert harmful ground-level ozone into pure oxygen
1998 Volvo Cars is first carmaker to publish environmental product information (EPI) for cars (originally named EPD)
1999 IAQS (Interior Air Quality System) introduced for cleaner cabin air
2000 Tailpipe emission control technology from Volvo Cars' ULEV engines becomes available globally
2002 Volvo Adventure environmental education programme for young people (formerly Volvo Young Environmentalist Award)
2002 PZEV engine introduced in California
2002 New Volvo cars designed for 85% recyclability
2003 Volvo Cars achieves global ISO 14001 certification
2004 Introduction of particulate filter for diesel engines
2004 Volvo Cars' new V8 engine is world's first V8 to comply with ULEV II
2005 Bioethanol (E85) powered Volvo S40/V50 FlexiFuel launched in Sweden
2007 IAQS & Automatic ventilation recommended by Swedish Asthma & Allergy Association
2007 Volvo ReCharge Concept - a plug-in hybrid with 100 km battery range - introduced
2008 Volvo uses only green electricity (hydropower) in European manufacturing units
2009 The newly announced Volvo XC60 reaches a 95% recyclable level
2011 Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid produced in Europe
2011 Volvo C30 Electric
2012 Volvo XC60 Plug-in Hybrid concept car
2013 Production of new high-efficient VEA Drive E-engine range
2014 Volvo S60L Plug-in Hybrid unveiled
2014 Volvo XC90 Hybrid announced. Coming in 2015.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The New Drive-E Volvo: Breaking Down the Fuel Cost Savings

The new Volvo Drive-E engine range certainly impresses on the power front...the T5 Drive-E delivers 240 horsepower and up to 280 pound feet of torque. The Volvo T6 Drive-E with its turbo-charged and supercharged engine puts out over 300 horsepower...all while returning exceptional fuel economy.

Let's take a look at the numbers. If you take a Volvo S60 T5 Drive-E and you own it for 5 years you will have an annual fuel bill of $1,800 and you also will have saved an average of $2,000 in fuel versus the average automobile (according to EPA estimates). In addition to superior fuel economy, you will have not given up any power or have to purchase expensive diesel fuel or premium fuel.

That's right...unlike a lot of the competition, the Volvo S60 T5 Drive-E runs on 87 octane...all while returning 25 miles per gallon city and 37 miles per gallon highway. Pretty impressive for a fast (and safe!) sports sedan.

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