Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bark Buckle UP with Lehman Volvo

OK, So Lehman Volvo has kicked off a new program starting this's called Bark Buckle UP, and it is designed to educate drivers about the importance of pet travel safety.

Think about it...we all buckle up to save lives, but less than 5% of the population secures their pets when they travel. And what people don't realize is that a 60 pound dog in a 35 mile an hour crash becomes 2,700 pounds of deadly force. This can not only injure of kill the dog, it can do the same to the other people in the vehicle.

Currently, Lehman Motors in Mechanicsburg and Lehman Volvo in York have free pet travel safety kits available at the dealership...this kit includes safety information and decals for first unit responders so they know which vet to contact. Also, there will be safety material on display. Check it out.