Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Another Neat Overseas Delivery Story...

Here you see Susan Goodrow and her new 2014 Volvo XC90 that she picked up in Sweden. She ordered the vehicle through Lehman Volvo via the Overseas Delivery program. For those who don't know...the Overseas Delivery program combines a new Volvo with a complimentary trip for 2 to the Volvo factory in Torslanda, Sweden. While in Sweden you can drive your new Volvo for up to weeks with complimentary registration and insurance. Volvo will provide you with red tourist plates. When you are done your European vacation, you simply give the car back to Volvo, fly home, and the vehicle arrives at your dealership in a few weeks.

When Susan received her Volvo, she noticed the European plates read "EKG 622." The neat coincidence is that Susan is a registered nurse (EKG), and her wedding anniversary is June 22nd! A great memento for Susan and another neat Overseas Delivery story.

Susan even sent us a Volvo selfie for our "See Your Selfie in a Volvo" Photo contest while she was in Sweden. She summed up here experience by saying: "What a great way to get your new car. Recommend it to all!"  As one of the top Overseas Delivery dealerships in the country, we couldn't agree more! Thanks Susan, here's to many happy miles from everyone at Lehman Volvo.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

They Saw their Selfies in a Volvo and WON

Congratulations to Janet Riser and Geoff Rosenberg on winning our first ever "See Your Selfie in a Volvo" Photo Contest! They saw their selfies in a Volvo and both won a new Apple iPad. It helped that they entered early and had a great support team "liking" their photos all the way. A big thanks to everyone who entered the contest. Stay tuned to our Facebook pages (Lehman Volvo York www.facebook.com/lehmanvolvoyorkpa and Lehman Motors Volvo www.facebook.com/lehmanvolvo ) for our next social media contest and of course, for the latest Volvo news and customer stories.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Creating Real World Safety in a Test Environment

Volvo has a mission: That by 2020, no one will be killed or badly injured when inside a new Volvo. That’s why they’ve has had a long-term goal to drastically improve overall safety features of their vehicles and create an improved driver experience.
To help with their mission, Volvo has opened AstaZero, the world’s very first full-scale test environment for future road and traffic safety, located near the Volvo Cars headquarters in western Sweden. The main goal at AstaZero: creating active safety systems, which will help prevent accidents in the future.
The AstaZero facility is extremely flexible and boasts a design that allows for the construction of one-of-a-kind environments. “You can simulate all types of real-world traffic scenarios. At most proving grounds, the options are more limited,” explains CEO of AstaZero, Pether Wallin. For example, testing conditions can range from busy city roads to highways and multi-lane motorways and crossroads. Having all these conditions allows for the intrinsic study of how cars interact with moving objects—anything from other vehicles to pedestrians and animals.
“Safety testing under realistic circumstances is a prerequisite for developing our active safety systems,” says Anders Axelson of Volvo Cars Safety Centre. “The facility will play several important roles: not only will it help us meet our safety vision, developing cars that don’t crash, it will also help us further develop safety functions that will address non-motorists, such as pedestrians and cyclists.”
Not only will AstaZero serve as a place to perform safety research and development, work will also include the development and testing of autonomous driving technology, the idea that the car drives and the driver doesn’t necessarily need to have their hands on the wheel, which reduces accidents and improves safety. Additionally, work on advanced systems to help with driver fatigue and inattentiveness are currently underway.
”The Swedish automotive industry is at the leading edge of active safety,” says Axelson. “Thanks to AstaZero, we have great prospects for keeping our leading position. We’re the only car manufacturing company in the world to have set a goal of zero traffic fatalities for a specific date, and we’re the only country in the world whose government supports a zero traffic fatalities vision.”
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Of Oysters, History, and Volvos....

This year Lehman Volvo is proud to sponsor The York County Heritage Trust Oyster Festival.
It's great taste and York County tradition all wrapped up in a day of family fun. Come for the seafood, come for the music, come for the free gallery tours and artisan demos, but by all means, come! This year marks the 40th anniversary for the festival.

When: 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. on Sunday, October 19th.
Where: Agricultural & Industrial Museum
217 W. Princess St. York, PA

What's new this year? Crab Cakes and Sechrist hot dogs. Of course, returning favorites include oysters stewed, nude and fried, steamed shrimp, our famous apple fritters, and the Auxiliary's amazing bake sale! AND the return of the Shuckinator!

The event is held at the Agricultural and Industrial Museum, a fantastic venue that features not only the unique industrial history of York, Pennsylvania, but also history of the nation presented in everything from vintage automobiles, to steam powered  engines, tractors and more. There will also be activities throughout the museum during the Oyster Festival.
Lehman Volvo is the exclusive automotive sponsor this year and will have a handful of new and vintage Volvos on display.

For more information, visit https://www.yorkheritage.org/