Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Modern-Day Volvo 240: The Volvo XC90

They say they don't make 'em like they used to...and there is a lot of truth to that. Looking back again at the Volvo 240, you see a car that for most of it's life had a 114 horsepower engine, steel wheels, manually operated mirrors and a crank-handle sunroof. So be glad they don't make 'em like they used to.

But, for all the creature comforts that the 240 lacked, it more than made up for in comfort, cargo capacity and safety. Not to mention longevity! Is there a modern Volvo that's equivalent to the iconic 240? If you think about it, the Volvo XC90 fits the bill.

For one thing, the XC90 was the first SUV ever to receive a top safety pick and it has been a top safety pick every year. When the 240 was unveiled, it too set the standard for crash worthiness, becoming the benchmark for all US crash test standards.

As far as cargo capacity, much like the Volvo 240 wagon, the XC90 can hold a LOT of stuff and is just as versatile. The 240 wagon featured 76 cubic feet of cargo capacity. The XC90 features 85.1 cubic feet of cargo capacity and like the Volvo 240 wagon, you have seating for 7. Though the cloth has been traded for leather, the Volvo seat comfort is still in a league of its own.

And finally, like the 240, the XC90 features a timeless design. It is simple, yet elegant and you know its a Volvo. So, while they might not make 'em like they used to, the spirit of the Volvo 240 is as alive today as it was 39 years ago when the 240 debuted.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

20 Years Ago: The End of the Road for the Most Popular Volvo

When it was launched in 1974 no one would have guessed that the Volvo 240 would end up being the best-selling Volvo model of all time. The 240 was heavily responsible for Volvo's reputation of durability, reliability, and of course, safety.

After a long series of crash tests carried out by the US traffic safety authority NHTSA, using 240 and its competitors, it became clear that the Volvo 244 by far provided the best occupant protection. The results were therefore used to form the basis for the future US safety legislation for all cars that were going to be sold on the American market.

At the same time, Volvo also worked intensively on emission control, trying to control the unregulated oxidizing catalyst that was going to be introduced soon and to make it - under certain conditions - reduce the three harmful substances hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and nitric oxides (NOX) to negligible levels. By improving the exhaust cleaning capacity through controlling the fuel/air mixture in the narrow band where the ratio for the catalyst is at its optimum, in 1976, Volvo became the first car manufacture to serve the solution: The Lambda sensor. This genial little piece of engineering enabled the catalyst to cut more than 90 per cent of the harmful hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and nitric oxide levels that are created as a result of the combustion of the fuel/air mixture.
The Volvo 240 also introduced Turbo-charging to Volvo cars, a technology that stretches to this day. The Volvo 240 Turbo was available in coupe, sedan, and to many people's surprise...wagon. In fact, the 240 Turbo wagon was the fastest wagon available. Turbo Volvos proved you could have good fuel economy and good power hand-in-hand. The 240 also proved to be an exceptional race car, with racing still an important part of Volvo's performance development.
In total, there were nearly 2.9 million Volvo 240s produced...and there are still plenty on the road.
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Latest Lehman Volvo Customers

One thing that our customers have in common...they love their Volvos! One of the happiest times is the day they finally take delivery of their car after months of doing their homework, shopping, and agonizing. After all, your car is the second biggest purchase you make, Here's just a few of the latest Lehman Volvo customers.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

An Important Mission: Walking for a Cause

Ray Bromley, President of Lehman Volvo, now has another title: "Corporate Walk Chair" for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light the Night Walk in Harrisburg. Ray has been active with the LLS for years, as the cause is very personal.

“It is my pleasure to accept the honor to serve as Corporate Walk Chair for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Harrisburg Light the Night Walk. My mother lost her battle with a blood cancer almost 40 years ago. Over that period of time, and especially over the last 10 years, I have watched very closely and have been amazed at the advancements in research that were made possible through all of the fundraising activities of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, including the Light The Night Walk.”

“More than 1 million North Americans are fighting blood cancer, the third leading cause of cancer deaths. So please join me in my effort to Light The Night and celebrate our advancements and successes in the fight against blood cancers.”
You can help by donating to the LLS Light the Night fund.
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Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day and Volvo: Saving the Earth and Lives

Volvo and Earth Day...it's not a one day celebration for Volvo, but rather, one of their core values. Environmental care is put into every vehicle that Volvo produces. In fact, 85% of a Volvo is recyclable, they all have low emission output, and there is virtually zero waste in the production of a Volvo.

Want some more Volvo Environmental Facts? Check out some of the Volvo Environmental Firsts:

1945 Volvo introduces remanufactured spare parts - an exchange system still in use
1972 UN Global conference on the environment in Stockholm: Volvo raises the critical role of the car in society
1976 Three-way catalytic converter with oxygen sensor (Lambdasond®) removes up to 90% of noxious exhaust fumes
1982 Torslanda plant begins to use waste heat from local oil refinery
1987 Torslanda water treatment plant removes 90% of harmful effluents
1989 New, proactive environmental policy
1989 Life-cycle assessment using EPS (Environmental Priority Strategies in product design)
1989 Volvo demonstrates alcohol power technology: cleanest car tested to date
1989 Introduction of internal environmental audits
1989 Plastics in Volvo cars marked to facilitate recycling
1990 First award of Volvo Environment Prize
1991 Volvo Cars first to introduce car free of ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
1991 Paintshop at Torslanda plant is world's cleanest
1992 Asbestos eliminated from car production
1992 Volvo Environmental Concept Car (ECC)
1993 Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) no longer used in climate systems of series-produced Volvo cars
1994 ECRIS, a new research facility for environmentally optimised dismantling
1995 Volvo Bi-Fuel, Volvo Cars' first generation of methane-driven cars
1995 Introduction of standards to improve dealers' environmental activities
1995 Launch of Car & Eco Care, the Volvo Cars range of environmentally labelled car care products
1996 Dialogue on the Environment provides environmental training for all employees
1996 Introduction of environmental standards for suppliers
1998 Introduction of PremAir® - a radiator coating designed to convert harmful ground-level ozone into pure oxygen
1998 Volvo Cars is first carmaker to publish environmental product information (EPI) for cars (originally named EPD)
1999 IAQS (Interior Air Quality System) introduced for cleaner cabin air
2000 Tailpipe emission control technology from Volvo Cars' ULEV engines becomes available globally
2002 Volvo Adventure environmental education programme for young people (formerly Volvo Young Environmentalist Award)
2002 PZEV engine introduced in California
2002 New Volvo cars designed for 85% recyclability
2003 Volvo Cars achieves global ISO 14001 certification
2004 Introduction of particulate filter for diesel engines
2004 Volvo Cars' new V8 engine is world's first V8 to comply with ULEV II
2005 Bioethanol (E85) powered Volvo S40/V50 FlexiFuel launched in Sweden
2007 IAQS & Automatic ventilation recommended by Swedish Asthma & Allergy Association
2007 Volvo ReCharge Concept - a plug-in hybrid with 100 km battery range - introduced
2008 Volvo uses only green electricity (hydropower) in European manufacturing units
2009 The newly announced Volvo XC60 reaches a 95% recyclable level
2011 Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid produced in Europe
2012 Volvo XC60 Plug-in Hybrid concept car
2013 Production of new high-efficient VEA engine range

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Our 300th Post: By the Numbers

In the 6 years of Lehman Volvo's blog there have been a variety of Volvo stories, product news, customer stories and more. Hopefully you've been enjoying our posts, and we certainly have many more to come. We've reached another milestone, as this post here is number 300!
Seeing as this is our 300th post on the Lehman Volvo Blog, we might as well throw some other trivia numbers out there, so here you go...

4: the number of Volvo models in the US that come standard with CitySafety autobrake technology
7: the number of passengers the Volvo XC90 SUV can carry
19: the number of years the Volvo 240 was produced, Volvo's top selling vehicle in their history
28: the amount of horsepower of Volvo's first car, the OV4.
30: the highway MPG of the Volvo S60 T5
32: the number of years that Volvo has been using Turbocharging technology
55: the number of years Lehman Volvo York has been selling Volvos
86: the age of Volvo cars, founded in 1927.
85: the percentage of a Volvo that is recyclable
325: the amount of horsepower of the Volvo S60 T-6 R-Design
1,000,000+: the amount of miles on Lehman Volvo client Selden Cooper's 1987 Volvo 240

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Other Great Swedish Export: Music

Yes, Volvo is the biggest Swedish export to the US, but after that has to come music. When it comes to pop music in particular, the Swedes have a distinct sound that can be enjoyed while driving your Volvo (of course!). Perhaps the first Swedish band that comes to your mind is Abba, who were recently inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
The further your dig, the more you will find. During the 80's, Swedish rock act Roxette were a common staple on the radio, with 4 Number one chart topping songs. In the mid-90s, Swedish music was far from short supply with acts as diverse as Ace of Base, The Cardigans, and The Hives.
Today there is a wide variety of Swedish acts (check out Dear Euphoria, Pajala Tuck Co., Swedish House Mafia and Miss Lee to name a few) with some phenomenal offerings. So, what's your Swedish artist of choice?

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Volvo Isn't for Everyone

Here is a brand new Volvo commercial that really speaks to what our customers value. enjoy

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Friday, April 12, 2013

The Volvo S60 Challange: You Pick the Winner

Just how good is the Volvo S60? Ask USA Today or Motor Trend, who ranked the S60 clearly above the Audi A4 in recent comparison tests. But we are not content in just letting someone else speak for us....we want you to.

If you have been thinking about buying a new Audi A4 2.0T Sedan, then we challenge you to try the new Volvo S60 first, and if you still end up buying the Audi, then we will cover your first payment...up to $400. We are just that confident in how good the Volvo S60 really is.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Another Lehman Volvo Customer for Life


Most people realize that Volvo is relentless in providing safe vehicles. One of our clients, the Simingtons experienced Volvo safety firsthand this year.

It was a cold January day when Mary Simington’s 2002 Volvo XC70 met its early demise. Mary was driving her usual route as she recalls: “I was heading home from work. Road conditions were not ideal and in some spots a little icy. Heading north on route 11 a driver in a SUV heading south lost control of the vehicle and crossed over two lanes of traffic.”

Mary’s XC70 hit the SUV broadside, resulting in the images you see here. Because Volvo designs their vehicles to re-distribute force, the brunt of the accident was taken out on the car and not the driver. The force of the accident put the SUV into a ditch and Mary’s car facing the other direction of the road.

Emergency responders were quick to point out, in their opinion that the only reason she survived the accident was because she was driving a Volvo.  Once the vehicle was deemed a total loss the Simingtons went to find their next vehicle. Needles to say, the Simingtons are now the proud owners of a new 2013 Volvo XC70 from Lehman Volvo.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

From the New York Auto Show: The Volvo Wagon is BACK

It has been several years, but Volvo is returning to their roots in the new year with the Volvo V60 Sports Wagon, which was just announced this past week at the New York Auto Show. Combining sports sedan handling (more so than any other wagon in Volvo's history!) and wagon versatility (how about a rear seat that folds completely flat in 3 different sections?), the V60 is certainly a new and exciting chapter for Volvo. This is not your grandmother's Volvo wagon!
Details coming...

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Taking "Volvo for Life" to a New Level

Our employees are dedicated. As you can see by the picture above, some of our staff have just added the Volvo iron mark via a face tattoo. We have begun rolling out Volvo face tattoos because first impression is everything. "Our employee face tattoos show that we are serious about how important Volvo is in our lives", states Dan Lehr, Marketing Manager for Lehman Volvo. "When we say Volvo for life, we mean it".
So don't be startled if your sales person has a big Volvo logo on his or her face, they just want to share Volvo's values without having to say a word!

Happy April Fools day everyone.

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