Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The last Generation 1 S60 ends production today

From Volvo Media:

"At 4.15am on Tuesday morning March 31, the last Volvo S60 rolled off the assembly line at Volvo Cars Ghent. The historic car - a Sapphire Black model with a five cylinder gasoline engine - is destined for a customer in Taiwan. In total, the Ghent plant has built 578,292 S60 cars during the years 2000-2009.
S60 is one of the longest running Volvo models in the plant. The highest production volume of the model was reached in 2001 when 108,906 S60 cars were produced.
"The Volvo S60 was an important model for Volvo Cars Gent," says managing director of Volvo Cars Ghent Derek Jessiman. "Now we will focus on a flawless launch of the new S60."
And preparations for the new S60 model which will enter production in Ghent in 2010 are already underway. The new model will share technologies with other recent Volvos such as the S80, V70, XC70 and XC60.
During the coming weeks rebuild of activities in the welding plant will commence to create space and capacity for the new sedan. For example, the present capacity of the floor line will be doubled."

The S60 is an incredible machine, and if you are a fan of the first generation S60, then you should check them out at Lehman Volvo. This is coming from an S60 owner, so you know it just isn't a sales pitch.

The S60 is a pretty good deal, and is available as a front-wheel-drive, all-wheel-drive, or my favorite a front wheel drive with a high pressure turbo! The 2010 model will be even edgier then the current S60, so now is a good time to claim one of the last original versions if you've been a fan of the design.

Available at Lehman Volvo York

or Lehman Volvo Mechanicsburg

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pre-loved R...Lehman Volvo has a few

One of my favorite models eveR! (Note the emphasis on the R:)
The Volvo S60 R and V70 R models are true enthusiast machines...300 horsepower, all-wheel-drive, and adjustable suspension settings.
Right now Lehman Volvo in Mechanicsburg has a couple of S60 Rs to choose from in their Certified Pre-Owned inventory (a 2005 S60 R with Geartronic Automatic transmission as well as a 2006 S60 R with a six speed manual!), and Lehman Volvo in York has a V70R in their Certified Pre-Owned inventory (A 2004 with Geartronic Automatic transmission and 3rd row seat). All three are priced under $26,000...making an affordable case for safe speed.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Employee Rides...we believe in what we sell

Here is just one of the reasons we are good at "the Volvo business". Most of us own Volvos, believe in the brand, and have experience everyday with the wide variety of Volvo models. These are the kinds of cars that once you own one, you really can't imagine owning anything else (personally my wife and I are enjoying our 5th Volvo, an S60 T5).
Some of us are even members of the "Volvo Saved my Life Club", such as York Sales Manager, Brad Smith. His Volvo 740 saved his life, and he has been a Volvo loyalist ever since...pretty powerful stuff. In fact his growing family purchased a Volvo XC90 a couple of months ago (an upgrade in space from their previous Volvo Cross Country).
When you own a Volvo you start to notice just how many there are on the road. You may even become an avid enthusiast. The Volvo Club of America is a nice outlet to network with other owners at events such as the Carlisle Import show (coming up in May!).
To find your Volvo, simply view the inventory at:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Crossover...the new family hauler

Good things sometimes come in small(er) packages, and the all-new Volvo XC60 is no exception. When compared to its rivals, the XC60 has more of a practical side. There is passenger room and luggage room. What a concept!
Isn't the idea of a crossover supposed to be something useful? The XC60 certainly has all the bases covered in that department, especially since it comes standard with All-Wheel-drive, and is the only vehicle with "City Safety"...a feature you HAVE to try!

Here's a couple links to visit to set up your appointment:

York: http://www.lehmanvolvoyork.com/

Mechanicsburg: http://www.lehmanvolvo.com/

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The XC60 is now at Lehman Volvo

Lehman Volvo Mechanicsburg: www.lehmanvolvo.com

Lehman Volvo York: www.lehmanvolvoyork.com

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Volvo Museum

We are now back in the U.S....with plenty of stories and photos to share from our OverSeas Delivery Experience. One of the cool things we did was take a visit to the Volvo Museum, which is located nearby the Factory Delivery Center.
For a Volvo guy like myself there was a TON of really neat stuff to see...and there is no charge to see the display. Everything from Volvo trucks and buses, to marine equipment, jet engines (yes, Volvo made Jet engines for a time!), and of course, Volvo cars from 1927 to today. Some of the concept cars on display are very cool...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Behind the Scenes at Volvo in Sweden

Just about everyone realizes that Volvo is known for safety. But along with that comes Volvo's other 2 core values of quality and environment. All of these are explained and demonstrated at the Volvo Brand Experience Center in Gothenburg, Sweden.
You can even test your skill out on driving simulatorsn to see just how frugal you can drive.
At the Factory Delivery Center, OverSeas Delivery customers pick up their brand new Volvo for the first time (the second time being at Lehman Volvo). Volvo provides the insurance for you to drive your car during your stay, and all you have to do when you are done your experience is simply drop the car off to Volvo, and you don't pay a penny for shipping.

Greetings from Gothenburg

The experience of a lifetime! We are here in Gothenburg, taking in the city and all it has to offer. This is the part of Europe in which most customers choose to pick up their Volvo for Overseas Delivery...and it is easy to understand why.
Gothenburg, is afterall, the home of Volvo, and it is here in which you can see a Volvo built from start to finish on the factory tour. Starting with a roll of steel...adding advanced presses and robots as well as assembly line workers, it is truly amazing. It is awesome to see how everything comes together to produce a new Volvo.
...More to come.
You can order your OSD Volvo through
Lehman Volvo Mechanicsburg http://www.lehmanvolvo.com/

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A relaxing start to the journey....

Well, that's the view from the SAS Business Lounge in Newark, New Jersey...free food and drink, a relaxing atmosphere, and Scandinavian design.

The main flight is but a couple hours away, so every Volvo customer gets access to the SAS Lounge while waiting for their flight...one of the nice perks along the way!

Want to learn more about how to purchase your next Volvo through Overseas Delivery? Simply click on your respective Lehman Dealership...