Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Of Volvos and Vampires...

Halloween...the perfect time to be in a dark and mysterious ride. Of course, with the Twilight movie series, the main character, Edward (the vampire!) knows this just as well as anyone else. That's why he has chosen a Volvo in each one of his outings.

From the snappy C30 hatchback, to the sleek XC60 crossover, and lately...the 325 horsepower S60 R-Design. Volvo has always been an "out of the box" choice for those looking for a sporty car that no-one else has. A great break from the norm, Volvo has been surprising enthusiasts for decades. With over 30 years of turbocharging technology there have been more than a handful of people that are shocked to learn a Volvo can perform so well.

Happy Halloween from Lehman Volvo!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Volvo All-Wheel-Drive and Rain

OK, so the picture above is an extreme example...but all-wheel-drive is just as good in the wet as it is in the snow. In our region there are 4 seasons (most of the time), and with the recent storm experienced on the east coast, there was plenty of rainy weather to drive through.
Volvo's all-wheel-drive system detects when there is slippage and sends powers only to the wheels that need them (which helps with fuel economy as well). The all-wheel-drive system also helps with other slippery situations like wet leaves.
However, there is one place you should never take your vehicle...all-wheel-drive or otherwise...and that is through standing water. Please stay safe!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Million Mile Celebrity

If you follow our blog, then you already know about Selden Cooper, our loyal customer who has logged 1 million miles on his 1987 Volvo 240DL. Well it turns out a lot of news agencies took notice as well.

Selden's story has been re-printed from Volvo on their own blog (as well as their Facebook page, pictured above), and with their own Press Release...but it doesn't stop there. The million mile 240 also has appeared in Motor Authority, the New York Daily News and in the November issue of Harrisburg Magazine.

And now, Selden is an international star with his story being printed in Sweden! Of course the coverage is well-deserved as Volvo is now the only brand with more than 1 million-miler (Irv Gordon completed the 1 million mark over a decade ago and is nearing 3 million miles). Once again, we are very proud of Selden Cooper and his million mile ride. It is still running strong and perhaps we will have a two million mile 240 story 25 years from now...

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Volvo C30 Polestar Limited Edition: Claim Yours NOW

What you see here is the BOLD and BLUE Volvo C30 Polestar Limted Edition. Complete with 250 horsepower (25 more than the standard Volvo C30), Limited edition dark wheels, special trim and of course, the bright blue paint scheme.

Special Edition Volvos are nothing new...especially ones with an extra dose of sport! Dating back to the early 1960's with the Amazon GT model, sporty Volvos have always been a hit with those who want something unique, fun to drive, and offer the kind of seat support and safety that only a Volvo can offer.

This is going to be a very rare car, with only 250 being produced. Once they are gone...well...they are gone! If you want to find out more, simply contact Lehman Volvo in Mechanicsburg or Lehman Volvo in York

Monday, October 8, 2012

1 Million Miles Captured in 6 Minutes

We are still "Seldenbrating" (ok, sorry...that was pretty corny) Selden Cooper's 1 million mile Volvo 240. Enjoy this documentary of the man, the car and the legend. Purchased new in November of 1986, this Volvo 240DL has surpassed the 1 million mile mark and is still going strong.
Quite an accomplishment to say the least!