Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Little Closer to Sweden...More Snow

Northern Sweden gets snow...and Central Pennsylvania has had its share of snow over the past month. So, that brings us a little closer to the "Motherland".
3 words will get you by this winter...ALL...WHEEL...DRIVE. With more snow today, and with December not done, there is sure to be more slippery conditions on the way. At least most of the Volvo line-up (C70 convertible and C30 hatchanack excluded) is available with all-wheel-drive. If you are looking for a new or Certified-Pre Owned vehicle with all-wheel-drive, why not also make it one with legendary Volvo safety? It is the perfect combination....especially if that oncoming vehicle heading in your lane does not have either!
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

100th Post!

Ok, time to celebrate! This marks the 100th post on, and it comes close to the end of what turned out to be a very active year. Volvo saw a 6 month year over year increase in sales (expected to be 7 when December comes to a close), Lehman Volvo saw a similar increase in local sales in the Mechanicsburg and York market, and an all-new model, the XC60 saw success in sales and press coverage.
2009 also marked a year in which Volvo became the luxury make with the lowest ownership costs (according to Intellichoice), and became the luxury brand with the most top IIHS safety picks (2010 picks).
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Volvo's Environmental Future...

The upcoming Detroit Auto show will include a glimpse of Volvo's future. The C30 Electric DRIVe, is a 2011 version of the C30 featuring a plug-in hybrid system. With an electric range of 94 miles and a charge time of close to 8 hours, it is the perfect commuter car.

For Volvo's current range, visit Lehman Volvo at in Mechanicsburg or in York.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Praise for Overseas Delivery

If you want to know if the Volvo Overseas Delivery program is indeed true...and not "too good to be true", simply ask those who have done it! Here is a review from our latest Overseas Delivery customers:

"Even before we considered a Volvo, we were contemplating a trip to Europe this year. In addition we were also not under pressure to take delivery since it does take a bit longer to ship the car back than it would to buy one off the lot. So, it was a no-brainer for us … a free trip to Europe, more options on the car, a non-negotiable firm fixed price, free shipping, and a Swedish meatball dinner. It was a deal we could not refuse.

This truly was the “trip of a lifetime” for us. We opted not to spend much time in Sweden since we had family we wanted to visit in Germany. However, we thoroughly enjoyed our short stay in Gothenburg and the tour of the plant. The car delivery process was easy and very professional. In fact, all the logistics were effortless. Volvo travel agents were eager to help us get started on our trip and coordinated our ferry ride from Gothenburg to Kiel, Germany several weeks before we departed. That ferry trip, in itself, was a pleasure.

A little less than eight weeks later we were notified that the car had arrived at our dealership and was ready for pick-up. It seemed like we were getting a new car all over again! Overall, all we can say is, we had a fantastic experience and it still seems “too good to be true.”
-Tom and Sue Bunker
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The XC60 Gets Awarded and Awarded Again

The 2010 XC60, which seems to hitting its stride in popularity, has just been awarded as the 2010 International Truck of the Year (sort of an odd title, since the XC60 isn't technically a "truck"...but an honor nonetheless!).

The XC60 has also been awarded as Family Car of the Year from Women's world car. The XC60 is indeed a great family hauler, and it is great to see the XC60 receiving such praise.

A fantastic value, the XC60 actually starts around $30,000 when purchased through the Overseas Delivery Program (Included is a complimentary trip to Europe and a Volvo Factory tour..very cool stuff!).

To experience the XC60 for yourself, visit Lehman Volvo. The inventory is online in Mechanicsburg at or in York at

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Half a Year's Worth of Good Numbers...and counting

As 2009 winds down Volvo reported another increase in sales for November. Up 5% over the same period last year, there is now a 6 month running positive report for Volvo sales. There are two big reasons...the fact that Volvo is the luxury brand with the lowest cost of ownership (according to Intellichoice), and the popularity of the all-new Volvo XC60 crossover.
From now until the end of the year you can still take advantage of SAFE AND SOUND 5 Year coverage. 5 year/60,000 mile warranty, Complimentary Maintenance, Wear and Tear coverage and more.
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