Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2 Days away from the Pennsylvania Auto Show

We have a showroom full of Volvos just waiting for the Pennsylvania Auto Show. Starting today we begin to deliver them to the Pennsylvania State Farm Show and Expo Center for the PA Auto show, which runs from January 26th to the 29th.

In addition to our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles on display at the CPO Showcase, we will also have all of the 2012 model line-up, including the all-new 2012 Volvo S60 R-Design...in the very same configuration that Edward drives in the latest Twilight saga.

So come out and see us...and get some seat time in all the new Volvos at the Pennsylvania Auto Show, or simply find your own Volvo in York www.lehmanvolvoyork.com or Mechanicsburg www.lehmanvolvo.com

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One Good Swede Deserves Another...

It's always sad when the automotive world gets smaller...and that's what happened this month with the announcement of Saab's bankruptcy. You might recall we operated Lehman Saab for over 25 years before selling that franchise, so it is hard to see that company go.
Saab and Volvo, both being from Sweden, shared a lot of similar traits...turbocharging, great seats, and of course...safety. It is with that in mind that we are offering "Saab Owner Loyalty" to any current Saab owner (as well as any current Volvo owner) who decides to buy a new Volvo this month...this $1,000 incentive is good on any new Volvo, because one good Swede deserves another.
Check out the inventory in York or Mechanicsburg.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tracing the History of the Volvo Luxury Sedan: The 164

Volvo's flagship luxury sedan, the S80, has been around for almost 15 years but its history stretches far beyond that. Introduced nearly 45 years ago, the 1969 Volvo 164 was the first of a long line of large Volvo luxury sedans.
It featured a big six cylinder engine, a leather interior, and plenty of room...much like today's S80. The Volvo 164 was advertised as a smart luxury alternative to many pricy European sedans (hmmm...again, much like the Volvo S80) and helped to establish Volvo as a maker of high-quality products known for safety and comfort. Produced until 1975, the Volvo 164 paved the way for the 264,760, 960, S90 and ultimately the S80.
You can find your modern Volvo luxury sedan in York www.lehmanvolvoyork.com or Mechanicsburg www.lehmanvolvo.com

An Electric Future: The Volvo Plug-in Hybrid

There are more and more hybrids on the roads today...and for good reason. They offer great gas mileage. That's one reason....Volvo wants to go beyond just one reason though, so they've unveiled the XC60 Plug-In Hybrid Concept.
With the Volvo Plug-in Hybrid the driver has the option of choosing what power source they want to use (electric, hybrid, power). In the XC60 hybrid there is a powerful 280 horsepower 4 cylinder turbo engine and an electric 70 horsepower engine. In combined mode the XC60 Plug in will achieve 50 miles per gallon. Pretty impressive. A neat trick is that the two engines can combine their power to hit 350 horsepower. Imagine that...a hybrid that's as cool to DRIVE as it is to own. The future is coming....