Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How Reliable is a Volvo? Ask Consumer Reports

It's a question we sometimes hear from new or potential Volvo owners...."are these cars reliable?" Well, you could ask our longtime service customer Selden Cooper, who has put over 1 million miles on his 1987 Volvo 240, or you could simply take a look at the latest reliability report from Consumer Reports (more of a household name, we admit).

Volvo ranks in the top 10 auto makes, ahead of other household names like Honda, Subaru, Ford, Nissan, Hyundai...and a lot of others. This survey is based off of a list of 1.1 million vehicles owned by real people, so it's a lot more than hearsay.

But there's more to owning a vehicle than reliability....cost of ownership is also another important factor. It's in this area too that Volvo shines, as each new Volvo comes standard with 3 years of complimentary factory scheduled maintenance. In addition, Volvo service intervals are every 10,000 miles, which means fewer trips to the dealership for maintenance.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Here is your Volvo Safety...

What you see above is the result of an accident between a tractor trailer, a Volvo XC60...and another tractor trailer. If you think the end result is devastating, just be aware...the driver and passenger of the Volvo XC60 walked away from this accident with only minor injuries.

This accident happened in Brussels a couple of days ago, here is some of the report from their newspaper:

A car containing a mother and daughter crashed into the back of a truck. The vehicle disappeared completely under the rear end of the heavy truck. To make matters worse, a heavy truck crashed into the Volvo XC60 from behind.
The result was a lot of scrap. The emergency services had to rescue the two women from the car, who were trapped for more than one hour. The fire brigade had to cut off the roof of the vehicle before being able to set them free.
The two ladies must have had a guardian angel as they got off with only minor injuries. They were taken to the hospital for a routine check up

So why do we believe so strongly in Volvo? The picture above says it all.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

A Little Walk for a Big Cause

It was overcast, a little cool, and there was a slight breeze...but everyone who took part in the Harrisburg Light the Night Walk didn't seem to mind. The annual Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Light the Night Walk raises thousands of dollars to help those with blood cancers.

In an amazing effort this year, Team Lehman Motors raised over $15,000! Our team worked hard to get every dollar, and they were happy and proud to take part in the Walk on City Island in Harrisburg. There were fireworks, local celebrities and even a band!  A big thanks to everyone who helped contribute this year.

The Lehman Volvo York team is walking this weekend in York, so there is still time for you to make a contribution! Call Lehman Volvo at 717-755-7676 or e-mail chris@lehmanvolvoyork.com to show your support.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Changing the Shape of Electric Power

Leave it to Volvo to take a current technology and revolutionize it. They have done it in the past (and currently) with safety, design and environmental care. Now they have taken the battery and changed that as well.

Press Release

Volvo Car Group has developed a revolutionary concept for lightweight structural energy storage components that could improve the energy usage of future electrified vehicles. The material, consisting of carbon fibres, nano structured batteries and super capacitors, offers lighter energy storage that requires less space in the car, cost effective structure options and is eco-friendly.

The project, funded as part of a European Union research project, included Imperial College London as the academic lead partner along with eight other major participants. Volvo was the only car manufacturer in the project. The project team identified a feasible solution to the heavy weight, large size and high costs associated with the batteries seen in hybrids and electric cars today, whilst maintaining the efficient capacity of power and performance. The research project took place over 3.5 years and is now realised in the form of car panels within a Volvo S80 experimental car.

The breakthrough

The answer was found in the combination of carbon fibres and a polymer resin, creating a very advanced nanomaterial, and structural super capacitors. The reinforced carbon fibres sandwich the new battery and are moulded and formed to fit around the car’s frame, such as the door panels, the boot lid and wheel bowl, substantially saving on space. The carbon fibre laminate is first layered, shaped and then cured in an oven to set and harden. The super capacitors are integrated within the component skin. This material can then be used around the vehicle, replacing existing components, to store and charge energy.

The material is recharged and energised by the use of brake energy regeneration in the car or by plugging into a mains electrical grid. It then transfers the energy to the electric motor which is discharged as it is used around the car.

The breakthrough showed that this material not only charges and stores faster than conventional batteries can, but that it is also strong and pliant.

The results so far

Today, Volvo Car Group has evaluated the technology by creating two components for testing and development. These are a boot lid and a plenum cover, tested within the Volvo S80.

The boot lid is a functioning electrically powered storage component and has the potential to replace the standard batteries seen in today’s cars. It is lighter than a standard boot lid, saving on both volume and weight.

The new plenum demonstrates that it can also replace both the rally bar, a strong structural piece that stabilises the car in the front, and the start-stop battery. This saves more than 50% in weight and is powerful enough to supply energy to the car’s 12 Volt system

It is believed that the complete substitution of an electric car’s existing components with the new material could cut the overall weight by more than 15%. This is not only cost effective but would also have improvements to the impact on the environment.

Volvo Car Group lead the way

Electrified cars play an important role in Volvo Car Group’s future product portfolio and the company will continue to find and develop innovative and advanced technical solutions for the cars of tomorrow.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

15 Years ago...

Lehman Motors Volvo has been serving the Harrisburg area for over 30 years, and nearly half of that time has now been at their current location on the Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg. When the Carlisle Pike location opened in 1998, the design and layout was very modern...and pretty much still is today.

Owner Ken Lehman had some input into how the showroom was designed, specifically the cobblestone-esque pathways on which the display vehicles sit. This was his way of incorporating a European feel to the showroom.

15 years later the facility is still a very nice place to do business, with an open feeling (there is a lot of glass) and a great location. Along the way we have added wireless internet and ultra efficient lot lighting, but the dealership looks largely like it did in 1998, and that's a good thing!

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