Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Employee Rides...we believe in what we sell

Here is just one of the reasons we are good at "the Volvo business". Most of us own Volvos, believe in the brand, and have experience everyday with the wide variety of Volvo models. These are the kinds of cars that once you own one, you really can't imagine owning anything else (personally my wife and I are enjoying our 5th Volvo, an S60 T5).
Some of us are even members of the "Volvo Saved my Life Club", such as York Sales Manager, Brad Smith. His Volvo 740 saved his life, and he has been a Volvo loyalist ever since...pretty powerful stuff. In fact his growing family purchased a Volvo XC90 a couple of months ago (an upgrade in space from their previous Volvo Cross Country).
When you own a Volvo you start to notice just how many there are on the road. You may even become an avid enthusiast. The Volvo Club of America is a nice outlet to network with other owners at events such as the Carlisle Import show (coming up in May!).
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