Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Little Closer to Sweden...More Snow

Northern Sweden gets snow...and Central Pennsylvania has had its share of snow over the past month. So, that brings us a little closer to the "Motherland".
3 words will get you by this winter...ALL...WHEEL...DRIVE. With more snow today, and with December not done, there is sure to be more slippery conditions on the way. At least most of the Volvo line-up (C70 convertible and C30 hatchanack excluded) is available with all-wheel-drive. If you are looking for a new or Certified-Pre Owned vehicle with all-wheel-drive, why not also make it one with legendary Volvo safety? It is the perfect combination....especially if that oncoming vehicle heading in your lane does not have either!
Find yours at Lehman Volvo in York at
or Mechanicsburg at

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