Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Here is your Volvo Safety...

What you see above is the result of an accident between a tractor trailer, a Volvo XC60...and another tractor trailer. If you think the end result is devastating, just be aware...the driver and passenger of the Volvo XC60 walked away from this accident with only minor injuries.

This accident happened in Brussels a couple of days ago, here is some of the report from their newspaper:

A car containing a mother and daughter crashed into the back of a truck. The vehicle disappeared completely under the rear end of the heavy truck. To make matters worse, a heavy truck crashed into the Volvo XC60 from behind.
The result was a lot of scrap. The emergency services had to rescue the two women from the car, who were trapped for more than one hour. The fire brigade had to cut off the roof of the vehicle before being able to set them free.
The two ladies must have had a guardian angel as they got off with only minor injuries. They were taken to the hospital for a routine check up

So why do we believe so strongly in Volvo? The picture above says it all.

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