Friday, January 16, 2009

See the XC60 at the PA Auto and Boat Show!

The Safest Volvo Ever. See it in person at the 2009 Pennsylvania Auto and Boat Show! The show starts January 28th and runs through February 1st (you will have enough time to get home for the Super Bowl!).
This vehicle has been one of Volvo's most anticipated models, and has some very serious competition. Much like Volvo's invention of the 3 point seat belt has changed history for automotive safety, Volvo's latest invention "City Safety" may prove to be just as important. This device will actually stop the car if a low speed crash is imminent.
The XC60 is the latest addition to the XC range (the XC70 crossover wagon and the XC90 SUV debuted in 1998 and 2003.)but will certainly steal the spotlight for the time being!

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