Monday, April 27, 2009

Part 2 of Lets Talk Travel this upcoming Saturday

Did you miss the "Overseas Delivery Program" show on WHP this past weekend? Don't worry, part 2 will be on Saturday, April 4th at 3pm.
In addition, part one can be heard at
The Overseas Delivery Program is simply the best way for you to purchase a new Volvo. It's a FREE trip to Europe for 2, FREE one night stay at the SAS Radisson in Gothenburg Sweden, FREE vehicle insurance in Europe for up to 15 days, FREE access to the SAS Business Lounge, FREE tour of the Volvo factory, including lunch, FREE pick and and delivery from airport to hotel, hotel to delivery center, and back to the airport.
And you pay LESS for your new Volvo...savings up to 8% off of the MSRP.
Sound to good to be true? Tune in this Saturday to find out...

Read the Step-by-step process at for those in Mechanicsburg and at for those in York.

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