Friday, May 29, 2009

Some History...the Volvo Iron Mark

Everyone knows what the Volvo Iron Mark logo looks like, but not all understand the meaning behind it. Some confuse it for the male symbol...nope. It is actually, as the title implies, the symbol for Iron.

Since iron and steel are looked upon as strong, it is fitting that Volvo used the iron mark. The word "Volvo", is Latin for "I roll" when you put the iron mark together with the word Volvo, the result is "Rolling Strength."

The iron mark has changed over time and was even used on the very first Volvo ever produced, the 1927 OV4. The "Volvo Slash" was actually used as a way to attach the Iron Mark to the front of the car, and just carried on as an enhanced way to distinguish the vehicle as a Volvo.

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