Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Small and Safe. C30 Top Safety Pick by IIHS.

Volvo is proving that safe cars can come in small packages. In a recent crash test, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the Volvo C30 a "top safety pick" accolade.
The C30 joins the C70,S80, and XC90 with this honor.
Of course crash awards are only part of the picture. Volvo designs their cars for real-world accidents, which is where the real test is. That's where safety matters.
Volvo sends their own team out to real accident sites to see exactly how Volvos react in actual accidents. It is this kind of research that has lead to truly innovative safety features from Volvo. So the next time you hear another auto company making claims about how many "stars" they received, take it with a grain of salt. Volvo continues to push safety technology "beyond stars."
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