Wednesday, September 9, 2009

See Europe on Volvo's dime (...or Kroner actually)

Pictured above is the sticker that arrives on every OverSeas Delivery customer car. The car here is a 2009 S60, and another happy OSD customer will be re-united with his new car shorlty. Think of it as a two-time new car delivery.

I can't stress enough how great the OSD Experience is, and with the added value of SAFE AND SOUND coverage this month, the value is extrodinary.

To sum it get a free trip for 2 to Europe, you pay up to 8% OFF THE sticker price for your new Volvo, all of your transportation is taken care of, Volvo pays for 1 night at the SAS Radisson (great hotel, I have been there) in Sweden, you get to tour the factory (awesome experience!), and this month every OSD Volvo (even the ones you custom order) come standard with SAFE AND SOUND 5 Year coverage (5 year/60,000 mile warranty, wear and tear coverage, and complimentary factory scheduled maintenance).

What are you waiting for? Contact Lehman Volvo in Mechanicsburg or Lehman Volvo in York this month for the new car delivery experience of a lifetime. Then be prepared to order your next Volvo the exact same way! :)
Lehman Volvo Mechanicsburg:
Lehman Volvo York:

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