Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lehman Volvo York " iPad for the Holidays" Winner

Well we had a lot of great Volvo stories, so it was hard to pick a winner...but in the end one story stood out. It was provided by Mike Kays. Here is his Volvo story:

Mike Kays "I always enjoyed our 2006 XC90, but learned last year just what a great car it is. I arrived home in York from a long trip on the evening of a "big snow". Our home is at the top of a hill, and as I drove into our development I found my neighbors in their various cars, stuck at the bottom of the hill. It was incredibl...e to see the collection of vehicles not able to make the climb. There was a BMW, an Acura, and other cars all spinning their wheels with no progress. I offered each of my neighbors a ride, and shuttled them up the hill to their homes in my XC90. They were amazed how easily the Volvo climbed the hill. I know that that experience helped sell at least two more of my neighbors purchased one soon after, and I purchased a replacement 2011 XC90 just last week. Love that car! Thanks Volvo!"

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