Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hellow Yellow!

Pictured here are Laura and James, a couple of our latest Overseas Delivery customers...and their brand new "Hellow Yellow" Volvo C30. Hello Yellow isn't the nickname of the car, its the actual color of this unique Volvo.

This color is exclusive to the Volvo C30 and is only available through Overseas Delivery...the program where Volvo flys you and a guest to Sweden at no charge and you get to tour the Volvo factory as well as have a free overnight stay (multiple nights if you already own a Volvo.) No, this isn't a contest, its a program thats available to anyone shopping for a Volvo. The other kicker is that none of it costs you more, and in fact some Volvos will even cost you less through the program!

If you live in Mechanicsburg, check out the details here and if you live in York, check out the details here.

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