Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Life With a Volvo XC90

OK, so I am a longtime Volvo owner...starting with a Volvo 240 DL, then a Volvo 850GLT, and currently a Volvo S60 T5. Each model was certainly an evolution over the previous model, growing more comfortable, and with more luxury features. The most important thing though, was that they all had that tangible Volvo quality and safety (which thankfully I didn't have to experience!).

Looking back at my list of Volvos, the 240 sticks out as an iconic symbol of Volvo's durability and versatility. I'm currently driving a Volvo XC90, and in a lot of ways...its Volvo's modern-day 240. Comfortable, durable....and extremely versatile. The seats alone are a work of genius...folding in 3 seperate sections, adjustable, and the 3rd row folds neatly into the floor. I've never been a really big fan of SUVs, but the XC90 has certainly changed my opinion.

It's easy to see that even after almost a decade in production the XC90 is STILL one of Volvo's highest selling models (another similarity it shares with the 240...although that model was produced for nearly 2 decades!).

With a ton of standard features (leather seating, 3rd row, Satelite radio, Bluetooth etc etc etc), the XC90 also has that classic Volvo trait of value as well.

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