Monday, December 26, 2011

Projecting Ownership Cost of a new Volvo. A look into the future

Everyone knows that a Volvo can save lives...more than reason enough to consider owning one...but not everyone knows that it can also save you money. Here's how...every new Volvo comes standard with Safe and Secure coverage...meaning that the money you used to spend repairing and maintaining your car can be spent on more important things in life.
Imagine you purchased a brand new Volvo's how your first 5 years of ownership would pan out:
Day 1: Your shiny new Volvo is deliverd to you at Lehman Volvo with a full tank of gas and a nice Lehman Volvo chocolate bar. at 7,500 miles you come in for your first service appointment. Cost of service: $0.
In year two you schedule your 15,000 mile service. You also replace your wiper blades. Cost of service $0.
The next year you come in to replace a couple of burnt-out taillight bulbs, some new wipers and your 22,500 mile service. Your total cost of service: $0.
In your third year you come in for your 30,000 mile service...the service department also notices your front brake pads need replaced...your cost: $0.
In year 4 you get a fresh pair of wiper blades, your 37,500 mile service, and new rear pads. Again, your service bill is $0.
In year 5 you get your 45,000 mile service and 4 new brake rotors a few months later at 50,000 miles to the tune of $0.
So to add it all have spent a total of $0 to repair and maintain your new Volvo for 5 years. And that coverage comes standard on every new Volvo. Find out more at Lehman Volvo in York or Lehman Volvo in Mechanicsburg
(Safe and Secure coverage excludes tires)

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