Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another Happy Customer: Volvo Overseas Delivery

Here is the latest Overseas Delivery review from one of our clients....

Every Overseas
Delivery (OSD) buyer will have a different story to tell about their trip, but we’d like to tell you about our two weeks staying in 4 types of accommodations other than hotels. With hotels running a little more on the expensive side, and our prior positive experiences meeting wonderful people at B&Bs (owners and guests), it was an easy decision for us. That said, we both had to buy in that we were choosing an “adventure” that might have some surprises, as we set out
on the web to analyze and choose from the numerous options. So in this article, rather than tell you how wonderful the sites of Stockholm, Oslo and Goteborg were (they were, of course)
we’d like to tell you how we maximized our $2500 Volvo OSD saving with reasonably-priced places to stay.
First, we agreed that since we had never been to Scandinavia that there was more than enough to
do and see in just Norway and Sweden. From there, it only made sense to begin and end our vacation in Goteborg. We flew from Newark to Goteborg over a Sunday night, and did the obligatory sleep-walking Monday, scraping the surface of Goteborg to really just orient ourselves for our return at the end of the trip. Then a sound Monday night’s sleep in the Volvo-provided
hotel prepared us for Tuesday, pick-up day for us. For pick-up we’ll just say that experience was everything Pam Peffer, our OSD Coordinator, had described. By around 3 PM we were headed north on E6 toward Oslo. We had added the Scandinavia maps to our own Garmin but that didn’t come close to preparing us for Oslo’s “roundabouts” or the tunnels in central Norway. Eventually we got headed west out of Oslo on E18 toward our first B&B, only 15 miles from downtown. Back a dirt road in Sollihodga we found the Paradise B&B (no kidding, that is the name), run by Kate and Odd Thrana.
As advertised, our single cabin was within meters of the lake, and not advertised, also meters from the chicken coop. “Fresh eggs from the hens, vegetables, bread, jam, and juice is served in
your freedge”, as stated on their website, so breakfast is self-serve. With only two cabins, we knew our car’s first night out of the factory was safe, right outside our cabin door.
Wednesday morning we struck out for Flam to see the fjords. Being mid-June, the E16 was open
although we often had to drive around trucks removing boulders dislodged over the winter. That night we stayed in a “row cabin” in nearby Aurland, at the Vangsgaarden Gjestgiveri, just a few meters from the fjord itself – and so quite the photo op.
Thursday, after taking the Flam Railway ride, we headed back to stay with Kate and Odd for two
nights straddling our Friday in Oslo; tip: park at the KonTiki museum in Bygdoy and take the ferry into Olso. Saturday we had our longest drive, all day across the E20 to the Malarhojden suburb of Stockholm, and the ATUM B&B , run by Christina Ohlin. Thursday morning
we packed up and headed back to Gotegorg. For our last accommodation we reserved a 3-night rental of a private furnished apartment in the Antilleriagatan section of Goteborg.
We’re sure no matter where you go, or where you stay you will find the hosts to be friendly
and helpful (and speaking English), and you will have a fantastic and unique
-George Small

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