Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Safe doesnt "just happen": New S60 Ahead of the class

A lot of car companies test their vehicle safety to "star" ratings or standards, and not to real-world conditions. Volvo thinks differently though, and engineers their cars differently as a result. Case in point...the 2012 Volvo S60 is ahead of the competition in the new IIHS offset-crash test, which mimics an accident that is much closer to a real world scenario.

The IIHS released its findings Tuesday and said that only three of 11 midsize luxury and near-luxury cars earned good or acceptable ratings in the new overlap frontal crash test.
Overlap crashes are responsible for a quarter of all fatal front-end collisions, and as the new crash test found, most cars - domestic and foreign - are unprepared to keep drivers safe in one of these crashes.

"Nearly every new car performs well in other frontal crash tests conducted by the Institute and the federal government, but we still see more than 10,000 deaths in frontal crashes each year," Institute President Adrian Lund said in a news release. "Small overlap crashes are a major source of these fatalities."

The key to protection in any crash is a strong safety cage that resists deformation to maintain survival space for occupants.

"It's packaging 101. If you ship a fragile item in a strong box, it's more likely to arrive at its destination without breaking. In crashes, people are less vulnerable to injury if the occupant compartment remains intact," said Lund.

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