Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"No sir, my Brakelight is not out...but thanks for asking!"

Rain, Snow, and Fog...all conditions in which you might see a Volvo with what looks like one brake light on. But in most of those scenarios, that isn't the case. For decades Volvo has been equipping their vehicles with Rear Foglights...a light brighter than your tail lights to be used in hazardous driving conditions with low visibility..like fog (hence the name!). What these lights do is help OTHER drivers see you, improving safety for both you and drivers behind you.

I was reminded a few weeks ago that not everyone who owns a Volvo knows about their rear foglight. In fact, while I was pulling into my driveway, a neighbor who owns an older S70 stopped to tell me my brake light was out. I informed him what it was, and that his car had one as well! Just a small part of Volvo's commitment to safety.

So if you own a Volvo and you don't know where your switch is...just look for the amber fog light symbol...the one pointing the opposite direction of your front fog lights.

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Led ZeppelinFan said...

The single rear fog light on my Volvo is the weirdest looking safety mechanism known to man.

Why doesn't Volvo equip their cars with a fog lights one each side for even better visibility? Even Volvo can't answer that one. Perhaps, it's cost savings over safety.