Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The best kind of gift you can get.

Yes, its the time of year when there are TONS of Holiday sales commercials from all kinds of car companies. From those with bows, to those with Santa, and those with disgruntled family members not getting a shiny new car. The message is clear: a shiny new car will make you happy...and make your neighbors envious.
But the thing is, we all know what is more important than's protecting the gifts you already have. This is where Volvo has a clear advantage, with the 2013 Volvo S60...the only European sport sedan with a Top Safety pick in offset crash testing by the IIHS. We also have the 2013 7 passenger Volvo XC90 which was first SUV ever to receive a Top Safety pick by the IIHS...oh, and its been named a top pick every year since they've tested it. And of course, the Top Safety pick C30, XC60 and S80. So while shiny and new is nice, Shiny, new and safe is where it's at.
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