Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Volvo or Bust!

What you see here is another happy Lehman Volvo family. The portrait above was taken when the Mierski family took delivery of their new Volvo Sweden. Yes, thats right. They flew from Central Pennsylvania to Gothenburg, Sweden for the new car delivery experience of a lifetime. It's possible through Lehman Volvo and Overseas Delivery.

We have a lot of customers who do the same thing. It is amazing to experience the homeland of Volvo cars, and not quite as overwhelming a trip as it seems (contrary to the message on the t-shirts!). In about 7 and a half hours you can reach Sweden and experience the factory tour, Gothenburg Raddison hotel stay, Swedish meatball lunch and more. And it is all complimentary.
So now you are thinking..."what's the catch?!". Well there is none...unless you hate anticipation.

The Mierski family eagerly awaits the Swedish delivery of their new Volvo XC60
Once you are done your trip, Volvo will fly you home and your car will follow a few weeks later. Once it arrives at Lehman Volvo we gas it, clean it and delivery it to you...for the second time! Our Overseas Delivery customers love the experience so much they buy their second, third and sometimes fourth Volvo the same way. Is it too good to be true?'s just too good not to take advantage of!

Want to learn more?  We have the ins and outs of Volvo Overseas Delivery on our websites.
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