Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Future Starts With 4

There was a time when Volvo's line-up consisted of mostly 4 cylinder cars. From naturally aspirated, to turbo-charged 4 cylinder engines, Volvo has sold over 5 million 4 cylinder cars, so they know a little bit about them.

And when looking to the future, Volvo decided to go back to what they knew so well. 4 cylinder engines + turbocharging = fun AND frugal. As Volvo puts it "it's time to stop counting cylinders". Starting with the 2015 model year vehicles, Volvo is unveiling a new generation of 4 cylinder vehicles under the name VEA (Volvo engine architecture) that will provide 6 cylinder power with near-hybrid like fuel economy. How's that for improvement?!

These new 4 cylinder engines will debut in January and will eventually make their way across the entire Volvo line-up. The future is exciting indeed...and it starts with 4 (cylinders).

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