Friday, December 27, 2013

Surprise! The gift of Safety

Yes, people do get surprised with new vehicles for Christmas. In fact,  Lehman Volvo usually has at least one surprise vehicle purchase each year (sometimes more).

We have had clients surprise their friends, family members or significant others with a new or pre-owned Volvo from Lehman Volvo. In fact, it just happened to Angela Chapman, whose sister surprised her with a very nice 8,500 mile Certified Pre-Owned Volvo S40.

As Angela walked into the showroom and saw the Volvo S40 sitting there with a note on the windshield she said: “Oh, isn’t that nice! Someone is getting a Volvo for Christmas!” Little did she know, it was hers! Here’s to many happy miles from everyone at Lehman Volvo.

Your surprise gift of safety could be waiting at Lehman Volvo in York  or Lehman Volvo in Mechanicsburg  


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