Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Volvo by any other color...

When you look at most dealership lots you will see a lot of grey, silver, black and white vehicles. The reason is relatively simple...these are among the most popular colors for the masses. Cars that are lighter in color are also easier to maintain and hide dirt and scratches more than very dark cars.

In fact, last year white remained as the most popular color for vehicles in the United States (and globally) according to paint supplier PPG.

For those who truly want to stand apart from the crowd though, Volvo has offered some very neat colors over the years...and this year is no exception as Volvo continues to offer Passion Red, Rebel Blue and the new Rich Java Metallic.

A lot of Volvo drivers appreciate a vehicle that is different from the average car...and some of them choose to further enhance that appreciation by choosing a color that you are not going to see everyday.

So while there are a lot of cars on the road in typical standard colors, you can rely on Volvo to produce new colors that truly reflect the unique nature of the cars that wear them. Find (or order) your uniquely colorful Volvo at Lehman Volvo in York www.lehmanvolvoyork.com or Lehman Volvo in Mechanicsburg www.lehmanvolvo.com

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