Thursday, May 26, 2016

Congratulations To Pam Peffer On Top 100 Sales Consultant Ranking

On April 21st, Volvo Cars U.S. issued a Top 100 Sales Consultant list for the first quarter of 2016, and Lehman Volvo’s Pam Peffer was ranked number 68 on that list.   
“I’m extremely proud of this accomplishment and couldn’t have achieved it without the support of my family, our staff, and most importantly, my clients,” Pam Peffer expresses.  “There is more work to be done as I strive for the Excellence in Volvo Award by maintaining my Top 100 Sales Consultant Ranking through the rest of this year.”
The “Sales Consultant Excellence Award Challenge” is a program that ranks the top 100 sales consultants in the United States and rewards each consultant with a prize and the prestigious title of a “Volvo Excellence Award Winner.”  The ranking is determined by certain criteria, one of which is the Sales Consultant's Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).  The challenge concludes on January of 2017.
“I am now close to 13 years of service here at Lehman Volvo and have never seen this much excitement about our product line.  It’s a thrilling time to be with Volvo and I appreciate everyone's help along the way,” Pam Peffer says.
Lehman Volvo has a dedicated team of Sales and Service consultants. Customer satisfaction has been Lehman Volvo’s #1 priority and always will be.  Please contact our sales and service departments for any of your Volvo needs.  Visit or call 717-691-8400.
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