Thursday, June 23, 2016

Welcoming Chad Rex To The Lehman Volvo Cars Team

With advancements in vehicle technology and safety features, Lehman Volvo Cars determined it was imperative to have a dealership contact solely dedicated to after-sale vehicle inquires.  The Business Development Manager is a unique position designed to facilitate personal client reconnects and to handle all Volvo internet inquires. 
Lehman Volvo Cars is pleased to announce its newest employee, Chad Rex, as the Business Development Manager.  Chad has over 10 years of automotive sales experience and is eager to be a part of the Lehman Volvo Cars team.  Chad enjoys spending time with his wife, Rachel, and two sons, Alex and Ethan.  When he isn’t attending his sons’ sporting events and concerts, Chad enjoys relaxing and watching his favorite football team--the Ohio State Buckeyes!
What is a client reconnect?Approximately two weeks after a client purchases a Volvo, Chad arranges a meeting either at the dealership or at the comfort of the client’s home.   Chad answers any questions the client may still have about their new Volvo and reviews important vehicle features, like Navigation and Bluetooth phone connectivity.
With the addition of the Business Development Manager position, clients now have more resources when a question arises about their vehicle.  This is just another example of how Lehman Volvo Cars puts their clients first.
Lehman Volvo Cars welcomes Chad Rex to the team!  Chad may be contacted by email or phone at or 717-982-7970

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