Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stimulate Your Stimulus

Well, we all see the economic news and reports...and as a result people are putting off big purchases. It might be a little hard to put off the purchase of your next new Volvo with the announcement of "Stimulate Your Stimulus", which means that you will save at least $1,553 off the purchase price of any new 2009 Volvo. Add to that the loyalty offers, and of course the lease deals (you can see one on this blog for the new S40), and its pretty hard to resist looking at a new Volvo. Of course they all come with 3 Years/ 36,000 miles Complimentary Factory Scheduled Maintenance, which means less money out your pocket...which is always a welcome thing regardless of the economic outlook.

Pick your car:

York: www.lehmanvolvoyork.com

Mechanicsburg: www.lehmanvolvo.com

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