Monday, March 25, 2013

All Wheel Drive...An All-Season Need

You wouldn't know it from looking outside, but it has been spring for almost a week already. For those with Volvo All-Wheel-Drive (or front wheel drive with good tires), there is no sweat in today's travels.

Since Volvos are designed and built in Sweden, the engineers recognize these cars have to perform in all four seasons, regardless of when it snows or rains. But Volvo AWD performance benefits you in more than just messy weather. Power gets sent to the wheels that need it, whether that means going up hill, driving over wet leaves, or getting up to speed on dry pavement. Also, when you don't need it, your Volvo will remain mostly in front wheel drive in order to keep your fuel consumption low. This all happens seamlessly, without the need of pushing a button. Its such a smooth operation that you probably wouldn't be able to detect if you have 2 wheels or 4 wheels providing the power. So an all-wheel-drive Volvo provides the best of both worlds...even if it happens to snow in spring.

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