Thursday, February 20, 2014

20 Years of Front Wheel Drive Volvo Wagons

It's hard to believe...but front wheel drive Volvo wagons have been around for over 20 years. It was the 1994 850 wagon that would kick things off. A stunning and versatile design, even the Italian motor press would praise the styling of the 850 wagon.

The 850 wagon also proved to be faster and handle better than any Volvo wagon before it. And unlike previous Volvo wagons, the 850 was nimble in all weather conditions. It paved the way for other front wheel drive Volvo wagons that would be smaller (V40 and V50) and larger (V70 and XC70).

The spirit of the 850 wagon is very much alive and well in the new 2015 Volvo V60. And, like the 850, it overshadows previous Volvo wagons both in handling and performance. In addition, it also outshines all other previous Volvo wagons with exceptional fuel economy (How about 37 miles per gallon highway and 29 miles per gallon average?). The future of front wheel drive Volvo wagons is bright indeed.

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