Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another Volvo Saved my Life Story...Close to Home.

June is National Safety Month and we have a personal story from the Volvo Saved My Life Club. What you see here is Lehman Motors Sales Consultant Mary Abruzzese's 2002 Volvo S60. Her husband Tim was driving in a downpour when a tractor trailer pushed a ton of water around the vehicle, forcing it to lose control.

The Volvo hit the guardrail, spun hitting the guardrail a second time. It then crossed over two lanes of traffic, and ended up in the middle of the grass median.  Both airbags deployed, and the front end of the car was completely crumpled. Tim's first thoughts after the accident..."I’m OK.  Not even a scratch!...I have to get another Volvo." This was Tim’s first Volvo, and we are happy to report he is safe and sound in his second one. Has a Volvo saved your life?

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