Friday, March 23, 2012

The "Mad Men" Era of Volvo Advertising

A recent article by The New York Times highlighted the "Mad Men" era of Volvo advertising, and how Ed McCabe helped shape the public perception of Volvo. It's an interesting piece that shows how different the marketing approach was in the was a bit of a "wild west" scene with punchy headlines and quick turnarounds.

Contrary to popular belief, Volvo's first campaigns in the US did not focus on safety, but rather on durability, reliability, and quality...all traits that were lacking in a lot of vehicles on the road.
Back then, when seat belts were optional in some cars, safety didn't sell. It wasn't until the late 60s when safety became a selling point. Volvo's early groundwork for durable cars helped pave a perception in people's minds that Volvo meant safety. It's a premise that rang true back then and still rings true today....minus the traditional "mad men".
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