Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Think Spring...and Free Trip to Europe

The car buying process is pretty routine...after deciding you need a new car you start your research, compare models, maybe take a test drive or two and begin the painful negotiation process. For some reason, when the weather starts getting nicer, people get the new car itch and begin the process of buying a new car.
But there is a much better alternative to the process...and its called Volvo Overseas Delivery. With Overseas delivery you get the Volvo model of your choice and Volvo will fly you and a guest to Europe (at no charge) a one night stay at the SAS Radisson (at no charge), a VIP Tour of the Volvo factory and Swedish meatball lunch (at no charge) and you get to drive your new Volvo in Europe (at no charge...Volvo pays for your first 14 days of insurance and registration). And now you are thinking "I'm going to pay more for my car this way"...well guess what? won't. In fact, you will pay LESS. Sound too good to be true? Now is the time (before Spring!) to do your research and find out how great Volvo Overseas Delivery REALLY is. Find out from our Overseas Delivery Consultants in Mechanicsburg at (717-691-8400) or Lehman Volvo in York (717-755-7676)

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